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This completely unique little teaser is like nothing we've seen yet; it's an amazing concept that's sure to please any adventurous couple. This toy is in 3 parts, each made from hygienic, hypoallergenic silicone that feels great against the skin. First, there's a tapered, hollow body with a nubby opening, a flat cap that fits on top, and a thin tube-shaped piece that fits inside the body. All you need to do is place the cap on top, then fill the body with water, flavored water, fruit juice, essentially any liquid, and place it all in your freezer. Once your liquid has frozen up nice, take the cap off, and insert the tube shaped 'plunger' into the thin end, pushing the cylinder of ice upward and out of the top of the Glacial. What you're left with is a tantalizing piece of frozen pleasure that's perfect for dragging and sliding teasingly over the skin. Whether you've used water or something flavored, you can lick the melted areas off for more of a tease; the combination of cold ice and a warm tongue is indescribably delicious. Total length with ice is approximately 3 1/2 inches. Enjoy!

Foreplay Ice Glacial Teaser in Purple

SKU: ZCE-2075-20-3
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